Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Been spending my days in ceramics, jewellery and also doing my sketchbook. Need to start sampling in textiles but sure i'll find some inspiration in our lesson later.

These are my first (in the process) tests of a bezel in copper. The disks of plastic
will be transparent and put in the bezel to trap pieces of my textile/paper work.

 Here are my first samples in ceramics. Using colour(especially these colours) aren't
really my style. But I have been advised to get out of my comfort zone and discover
something new. Wasn't too excited at first but after doing these few tests I feel better and
decided to take the challenge.
This is a photo stencil technique I'm going to learn and hopefully master by the
end of this project! Very hard technique by the looks of this book but I'm going
to give it a go if I can get hold of the materials needed and hopefully explore the technique
creating new samples.  

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