Thursday, 2 February 2012


The Sarah Morpeth workshop was a lovely day!! She taught us how to create different books and some cutting techniques to make them pop up books. It is a beautiful way of creating layers and telling a story.

Some of my examples of cutting and creating layers and pop out features.

My work space, a mess as usual. Or should I say organised chaos. 

Here are some new tools we used...
 This was to create holes to bind our books together.

And on the left a bone folder which makes the folds more crisp and professional. 

One book i created using book pages, hand made paper and pieces of envelopes. 

This is another book using book pages and card only, I also used a different binding technique for this one.

Check out Sarah Morpeth's website...

The website shows beautiful pictures of her work and also sketchbook inspiration and upcoming exhibitions/exhibition pieces. 

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