Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Been spending my days in ceramics, jewellery and also doing my sketchbook. Need to start sampling in textiles but sure i'll find some inspiration in our lesson later.

These are my first (in the process) tests of a bezel in copper. The disks of plastic
will be transparent and put in the bezel to trap pieces of my textile/paper work.

 Here are my first samples in ceramics. Using colour(especially these colours) aren't
really my style. But I have been advised to get out of my comfort zone and discover
something new. Wasn't too excited at first but after doing these few tests I feel better and
decided to take the challenge.
This is a photo stencil technique I'm going to learn and hopefully master by the
end of this project! Very hard technique by the looks of this book but I'm going
to give it a go if I can get hold of the materials needed and hopefully explore the technique
creating new samples.  

the world through my eyes...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Get involved

United Kingdom
United States

Okay so these are my stats for how many people have viewed my blog and from which country.
If this is true I'm over the moon at how many people and how many different countries have looked at my blog.
So please get involved I'm looking at research for my new project and would love to get
found items/information from other places!

Please comment or email me on lucyaddo@hotmail.com

I'm looking for found letters/notes/photographs/envelopes/shopping lists! etc.
Or things you collect e.g stamps/vintage paper/bus tickets/trains tickets/any ticket!/ receipts/notes/shopping lists! etc.

Please get in touch my project could be a lot more interesting if people get involved!:)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Starting my sketchbook...

Although the first page of your sketchbook is always the hardest (well in my opinion anyway!) because I think about it too much. But decided to just get creative and go with it. Here is what I came up with. 

First page! Thought shower on connections(my theme)

Other pages, things people collect(my research)

I am going to go onto my focus eventually which will be taking photos of where things were found and working with them using pen and stick and ink and also mapping the journey of letters/found objects.

MY BAY! Thought I'd throw this in there. Looking very white but i'm sure I'll soon sort that out!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Just got our new brief and after a long day of thinking I am rather excited!The brief includes choosing one of the following...
Inner happiness, outer happiness, connections or celebrations.
The brief has been written about Design Event for the exhibition in 2013.

I have chosen connections and decided to look at the connection between people and objects. Why people collect/keep random found items which include; shopping lists, notes, to do lists, letters, love letters, photographs, bus tickets, train tickets, every kind of ticket and scraps of paper.

Do you have something you keep/collect?
Let me know! I need research and primary research is always a good starting point!
If you do have any of the above which have no meaning to you (which you wouldn't mind passing on) I would love to use some of YOUR things!
If not then let me know what you do keep/collect. I'm really interested.

Please comment below:)
P.s; if you do have something for me please e-mail lucyaddo@hotmail.com


Thursday, 2 February 2012


At uni with Carlos who has been our artist in residence for our design week.

Check out his website...

He's spent the week designing/painting these huge canvases as a commission piece. 


He wanted people to chill with him coming up with some random tattoo designs for the characters.

Decided to draw a big MASSIVE burger. 

Was nice to just chill out and loosen off with some ridiculous drawings. 
And watching ridiculous youtube videos.

Anyways can't wait to see the finished canvases! 
And hopefully see you soon Carlos!


The Sarah Morpeth workshop was a lovely day!! She taught us how to create different books and some cutting techniques to make them pop up books. It is a beautiful way of creating layers and telling a story.

Some of my examples of cutting and creating layers and pop out features.

My work space, a mess as usual. Or should I say organised chaos. 

Here are some new tools we used...
 This was to create holes to bind our books together.

And on the left a bone folder which makes the folds more crisp and professional. 

One book i created using book pages, hand made paper and pieces of envelopes. 

This is another book using book pages and card only, I also used a different binding technique for this one.

Check out Sarah Morpeth's website...

The website shows beautiful pictures of her work and also sketchbook inspiration and upcoming exhibitions/exhibition pieces.