Sunday, 27 November 2011

Open Studios, Newcastle

Had an amazing day yesterday with my friend Jess, mooched up to Newcastle to have a nosey in the open studios.
Got loads of inspiration from the galleries, but felt strange to walk round the studios of today's contemporary design makers! Got me and Jess really excited thinking about the future, would absolutely love to have a studio set up and share spaces/rooms with creative people!

Would recommend these places to every creative person, you definitely need to visit!
Follow this link to find out more...

Here are some blogs/websites of designer makers we met who are producing beautiful work living the life in their beautiful studios!

Met so many lovely, friendly people and got a lot of inspiration for my own work, style, future and everything else!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Done some voluntary work in our new shop 'FOLIO' today, based in Hartlepool, Church square. 
Loved every minute of it! Left me feeling inspired and pushed to make a batch of products which can hopefully be on sale after Christmas!

If you haven't visited it already, get yourself there!
Photo from,

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Camden market...

Just put my photos on the computer from my trip to London.
Loved this mans work he was sat on a stall at Camden market without a care in the world making his jewellery. Felt like sitting down and joining him haha!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Birthdays, sickness bugs and samples!

Well been a long week, my birthday last monday(no longer a teenager:(), had a lovely day then caught the disgusting sickness bug! Here is my bay on my birthday, THANKS GIRLS!:)

But back at uni now and ready to carry on with my samples and developing them to be more beautifullll!
Here's a few I've been working on!...

Been playing around with etching onto copper, going to oxidise these to make the etch black and start creating!

Been trying to use mixed media too so here's a sample of textiles mixed with jewellery.
I'm pin riveting pieces of tin onto etched copper. This was just a quick sample but I'm going to develop these by using vintage typewriter ribbon tins to rivet.

And finally... here is my beautiful tool box full of suprises!