Thursday, 2 February 2012


At uni with Carlos who has been our artist in residence for our design week.

Check out his website...

He's spent the week designing/painting these huge canvases as a commission piece. 


He wanted people to chill with him coming up with some random tattoo designs for the characters.

Decided to draw a big MASSIVE burger. 

Was nice to just chill out and loosen off with some ridiculous drawings. 
And watching ridiculous youtube videos.

Anyways can't wait to see the finished canvases! 
And hopefully see you soon Carlos!


  1. Carlos - you ROCK!!!! love the canvases (especially the burger design lol) draw red poppies next time for mhwa!! pppllleeeeeeeaaaase!! x x

  2. hahaha this is hilarious! we had such a good day! xx