Monday, 8 April 2013

Bailey's Vintage & Retro

Visited a friends new shop on Norton High Street, Stockton.

Was really inspired by all the amazing thing's he's selling!

Vintage suitcases!

Also picked up this gorgeous typewriter which i'm looking forward to using in my work as mine has ran out of ink...

Visit Kev's facebook page to see more items for sale...

Or go to his shop if you are around Norton!

Monday, 18 March 2013

'COLLECTOR' Exhibition, Folio, Hartlepool

Felt all inspired after visiting this amazing exhibition in FOLIO next to my uni. All work produced by Claire A Baker looked amazing and every last detail was stunning from the handwritten description cards to the layout and presentation of the room. It really was amazing. 


Can guarantee you'll come out feeling inspired!

Visit Claire's blog to see more information on the exhibition!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


My next around the world project is underway after posting 4 exciting letters to various countries to people wishing to get involved in my project.

I would love more people to get involved!
Please e-mail 
for more information or to request a letter:)

Monday, 11 February 2013


Getting more into my major project now as I've changed direction and I'm more focused on what I'm researching. 

My brief is based on the word 'communication' and the idea came from the success of my 'letter around the world' project I done for my foundation degree show last year. 

Once again I am looking to get people involved in my letter project this time with a different twist,

comment on this post/email me on

and I will take your address and get a letter sent out to you asap, follow the instructions on the letter and post it on to somebody in a different country. 

People from U.K and anywhere in the world welcome to join in! The more people the better... please spread the word!:)

Its been a while...

and whilst being busy with dissertation and major project at uni I have had some lovely commissions (some not finished yet) but here is a ring I made for my friend as a present for her boyfriend for valentines day...