Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Photo stenciling...

Been dying to try this photo stenciling or 'gum printing' for weeks now and finally gathered all the materials and equipment to do it. Due to some of the chemicals which are light sensitive I needed to work in a dark area, was planning on sitting in the cleaners cupboard in uni and turning all the lights off but luckily a helpful photography teacher let me use the dark rooms...yey!
Finally had a go at this technique but just on paper for now and it's looking great.
Hoping to have tested it on ceramics by the end of the week.

My plan is (if my around the world letter gets back to me) I am going to create negatives out of the map, letter and objects people have sent me and develop them onto the clay. Not sure what my final piece will be just yet but I will be showing the mapped journey in order to show connections which was my original theme. 

So fingers crossed I get the letter back...

Photos of my samples will follow when they've had more time to develop in the dark room!

Friday, 2 March 2012

I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved in my project by collecting things for me!! I am now trying to narrow down and focus on specific things so I can start designing for my final products.

I'd like people to get involved in my idea of mapping a journey of a letter. I already have a letter out in Australia which is hopefully being sent around. There is instructions inside the letter for example put something you found today in this envelope or write how recieving this letter made you feel, do you feel connected to another part of the world etc. And also a map to X where you are in the world. If your interested in helping my map a journey please comment below or email me on and I'll send one out to you. It'd be a great help because although a letter is already out there I can't rely on one letter to get back to me in time for my deadline!