Sunday, 16 December 2012

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Exhibition, 17 Claypath, Durham.

After finishing our minor brief at uni our class BA Honours Applied Arts for Enterprise exhibited our work. Our brief was based on the title of our dissertation's and had to be a conceptual piece based on the theme 'artists book'. Everybody took a different approach to the brief and had various dissertation titles so everybody's were different. 

 My work was about Autism and I made two ceramic vessels similar on the outside with different stamped words on the inside. The concept was everybody is human and looks the same on the outside but inside are very different. People with Autism don't understand social interaction and other traits which gets them confused with ignorance. 

Materials; stoneware clay and copper
Techniques; Coil building, letter stamping, pattination

Theresa Easton who visited our exhibition wrote a blog post about it, check it out...

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