Saturday, 9 June 2012

Uni final show!

I know it's been far too long since I last posted! But I've been so busy creating products for my final show which is a huge success so far!

Want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to everybody who took part and made my 'letter around the world' project possible! It means so much and is lovely to know people all around the world took time out of their day to help me!

A special thankyou to;
Allison Tait
Bridget Holmewood
Megan Currie
Jennifer Holbrook
Isobel Davidson

Without you's this wouldn't of been possible!

The show opening night was amazing and over the past two days I have sold 3 of my products!

This is my ceramic box I made using a slab building technique. The decoration is monoprints of the letter 
and decals of the items people involved sent me. The handle is leather. 

This box sold today at the show £100 I'm so happy!

These are my rings I made enclosing pieces of the letter. 
If I remember rightly the ring on the left has a fragment of a ticket Jenny Holbrook sent me and
the middle ring is a fragment of her letter back to me!
The one on the right has a piece of the map enclosed.

Pink french ticket ring (left) = £70
Handwritten letter ring (middle) = £90
Blue map ring(etched 'found' word on the perspex-right) = £70

These silver rings have the places the letter traveled to stamped around the band and some have quote from the letter stamped.

Full band = £20
Cuff/adjustable rings= £15

2 of these rings sold today at the exhibition(:D)

Once again a huge thankyou to everyone involved!
I have loved every minute of this project and would like to keep the idea of mapping the journey of letters going so look out for new posts on new projects!

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