Thursday, 13 October 2011

the first post is the hardest.

Feels like my very first post again, it's been that long!! Really need to sort it out! Well i've now started second year at uni and i'm absolutely loving it! New brief, new bays, new techniques, processes and new faces. Chose the word FRAGMENT to research for my brief. It started off difficult to link my word to my style of working but came up with 'fragments of the attic'. Things people leave when they die. Old chests, boxes, letters, certificates, suitcases and memories. I'm currently focusing on old tins, boxes and suitcases looking into the detail of their marks, prints, vintage patterns. Experimenting with different jewellery and ceramic techniques whilst starting to sample in textile forms. Made some amazing stamps too, using rubbers! Never thought carving a pattern/shape into a rubber would be so relaxing! But it was and also made some gorgeous marks onto paper and fabric. Also found my love for QUINK INK and bleach too! Well as you can tell i'm totally excited and could talk all day long! There'll be more regular posts coming, also i'll upload a photo of my bay because it's BEAUTIFUL! x

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